Monitor Wheel Stud Clamp Force and Hub Temperature With Real-Time RF Sensors

Loose Wheel Sensors provide real-time early-stage warnings of loose wheels and high wheel hub temperatures.

LWS Features and Benefits

real-time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Wheel sensor rings continually scan wheel stud clamping force and hub temperature.

alarm beacon

LWS Alarm Beacon

Wheel sensors send RF signals to alarm beacon to visually notify driver of both safe operating conditions and warnings of emerging issues.

telematics Interface

Telematics Interface

Alarm Beacon interfaces with compatible telematics systems to send text warnings to drivers, maintenance, dispatch, etc.

LWS Trailer

DIY Installation

Do-It-Yourself installation does not require wheels to be removed.

safety management

Safety Management

Improves roadway safety for public, drivers, and passengers.

risk management

Risk Management

Proactively manage risk and its potential impact.

LWS Trailer

Cost Management

Avoid unforeseen catastrophic and costly repair costs. Reduce downtime.

proactive maintenance

Proactive Maintenance

Take early preventative action on wheel studs, lug nuts, rims, bearings and brakes.

Ready to Find Out More?

Loose Wheel Sensors uses modern technology to monitor the stud clamping force holding wheels in place and hub temperature…in real-time!

Sensors use RF signals to provide real-time early-stage warnings of emerging issues that if left undetected can lead to catastrophic events and injuries/fatalities, property damage, higher repair costs, lost time, fines, etc.

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