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How Does It Work?

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How it Works

The LWS sensor relies on the axial load in individual studs to monitor that an appropriate clamping force threshold is maintained. If the clamping force reduces below the threshold limit, a radio signal is sent to a beacon to visually notify the operator.

The beacon indicates which wheel and stud is in jeopardy while a clamping force is still maintained. The operator can then take the appropriate action to address these warnings. Thermal sensors also monitor wheel hub temperatures, and a beacon signal is sent when the temperature reaches 175˚ F (79˚ C) indicating bearings/brakes need to be addressed. This feature saves maintenance costs.

The LWS system can also be interfaced with compatible telematic/tracking systems to send real-time digital text notifications to fleet maintenance, dispatch, etc. when events occur.

LWS is a real-time early-stage warning system allowing drivers and fleet maintenance to take a proactive role…be it the need to re-torque, replace fasteners, wheel reconditioning/replacement, bearing/brake service, etc.…all before the unthinkable happens. This leads to safer roadways for everyone and helps manage risk and costs.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitored wheels and studs are scanned every 4 seconds
  • Alarm beacon signals the driver’s attention and indicates which wheel and specific stud need attention.
  • Substantial clamping force remains in a loosening stud when a fault is indicated.
  • Thermal sensors monitor and send a beacon signal when hub temperature reaches 175°F (79°C).
  • Over-torqued and stretched studs are discovered as they will not reach threshold clamping force.
  • Eliminates requirement to re-torque after first 75 miles if not needed.
  • All studs receive full axial load after threshold axial load completes monitoring circuit.
  • Available for dual, triple and quad axle trailers.
  • Compiles with SAE J267 standard for aluminum and steel rims.
  • Operational ambient temperature range of -40°F to +125°F (-40°C to +52°C).
  • Battery life of 48 months at 70°F ambient temperature.
  • DIY installation does not require removal of wheels from truck/trailer.
  • Can be interfaced to compatible telematic/tracking systems.
  • Potted electronics for environmental protection.
  • Corrosion resistant materials.

Learn more about Loose Wheel Sensor by downloading the product sheet and technical data specifications.

Ready to Find Out More?

Loose Wheel Sensors uses modern technology to monitor the stud clamping force holding wheels in place and hub temperature…in real-time!

Sensors use RF signals to provide real-time early-stage warnings of emerging issues that if left undetected can lead to catastrophic events and injuries/fatalities, property damage, higher repair costs, lost time, fines, etc.

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