Loose Wheel Sensor

Lug nut grip force monitored by radio signal in real time. High wheel temperature alarm included for bearing and brake issues.


  • Real time monitoring of wheels
  • Alarm beacon indicates which wheel and which specific stud is loose
  • Installation does not require removal of wheels from vehicle or trailer ยท Battery life of 36 months throughout temperature range
  • Substantial grip force exists in stud when fault is indicated
  • Potted electronics for environmental protection
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • All studs receive full axial load after minimum axial load completes monitoring circuit
  • Will indicate when studs are stretched from over-torque and cannot maintain minimum grip
  • Eliminates requirement to re-torque after first 75 miles
  • Operational ambient temperature range of -40 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available for dual and tri-axle trailers

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About Us

Loose Wheel Sensors Inc. provides a monitoring system to eliminate hazardous runaway truck and trailer wheels. Runaway wheels occur by current estimates close to 50,000 times per year in North America.

These dangerous incidents often result in property damage, injury, and tragically, fatalities. The possibility of an escaping wheel is a chief concern of fleet operators and managers across the continent both in terms of financial liability and public safety.

Torque on lug nuts is used as an unreliable measure of the grip force holding the wheel of a truck or trailer in place. Studies have shown that Grip force can be reduced by more than 70% if wheel fasteners are corroded. Much of the torque is lost to overcoming friction and not converted into stud preload.

The LWS loose wheel sensor relies on the axial load in individual studs to monitor that an appropriate threshold of grip force is maintained. If the axial force in monitored studs reduces below the threshold limit, a radio signal is sent to a beacon to notify the operator. The beacon indicates which stud and wheel is in jeopardy while a grip force is still maintained.

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